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Our Work

AGC has successfully completed over 100 consultancies in over 40 countries since 1997 for U.S. government agencies, extractive industry multinationals and international development agencies.

Read below our recent selected projects completed:


AGC Report - Zanzibar CSO Org Performance Improvement Activity

In April 2017, AGC, was hired to assist a selection of emerging and established Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) in Zanzibar,  focused on youth development and women’s empowerment in Zanzibar to improve institutional performance in 13 of the CSOs; which were identified as having medium to high capacity to benefit from further capacity development assistance. Click to learn more.


 Agricultural Long-Term Training: Assessment and Design Recommendations

To build staff capacity without addressing broader institutional performance gaps does not automatically result in an improvement in individual or institutional performance. The study assessed the best use of U.S. graduate training to strengthen African agrictural institutions.  Click to Learn More


Why Training Has Not Produced the Desired Results – and what to do about it

The transfer of knowledge, skills and attitudes, what is referred to as training, has been the largest single type of intervention funded by USAID for many years since the demise of infrastructure projects. Yet the results obtained from significant training investments have been disappointing in recent years in terms of improving organizational performance. This article takes a look at the way USAID-sponsored training has been used in Africa and proposes building on these lessons to get better results. Click to Learn More


Walking the Talk in Niger

  by Andrew Gilboy

Virtually every major mining company promulgates written policies concerning the social and environmental dimensions of its activites. But which ones translate those words into action? AGC presented a study on how to collaborate with NGOs toward social and environmental best practices. 

Generations of Quiet Progress

Client: Aguire International

An evidence-based impact assessment of the value obtained from major investments in graduate education for 3,219 African professionals by USAID and its partners in the ATLAS and AFGRAD programs. AGC Partner lead a team of professionals to find out whether development impact occured from the longest running and largest long-term graduate training programs for Africa. The results and observations uncovered in the report were developed from evidence-based findings, which draw from both quantitative and qualitantive information.  Learn More

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