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Associates for Global Change (AGC) is an international business consulting firm based in the Washington, D.C. area that specializes in providing targeted technical assistance via short-term assignments and long-term engagements.  It is owned by three U.S. citizens with complementary specialties and certifications:

Marvin Muhumuza, President   – IT audit/risk assessment (CISA, ITILv3)
Andrew Gilboy, Vice-President – HICD, Team-Building, Facilitation, Evaluation (CPT)
Felipe Tejeda, Vice-President– HICD, NGO development, Public Participation (CPT, IAP2)

AGC has conducted many project evaluations in education, health, natural resources management, agriculture and economic growth.  We have assisted Missions and their partners in improving performance by conducting HICD assessments and proposing interventions (training, coaching, mentoring, etc.) that resolve performance constraints identified.  Our work with extractive industries (gold, nickel and copper) enables us to apply our knowledge of “working in Africa” to multinational firms, where we can conduct Social Impact Assessments and Resettlement and Community Development Plans.  We approach problem-solving with practical analyses and solutions, always grounded in the prevailing social, political and economic context.  In addition to French and English, AGC’s owners work in Wolof, Spanish, Runyankole and Luganda.  AGC’s Senior Associates based in Africa are fluent in multiple languages including Kiswahili, Arabic, Twi and Fulbe. 



Created in 1997 as a three-member partnership (and expanded to four senior partners in 1998), AGChange started with the simple vision to provide high-quality consulting services at reasonable cost that would lead to improved well-being for developing Africa.  Three of the four partners migrated from over a decade working with other consulting firms in the Washington, D.C. area and one had just retired from senior positions at USAID.  Our common vision was to focus on delivering targeted results that make a difference in people’s lives.

For nineteen years,  AGChange succeeded in its goal to emphasize service quality and relevance.  Our client base grew over 75 satisfied U.S and International organizations served.  We accessed a small number of proven AGChange Senior Associates, many of whom were African development professionals, to work collaboratively with us on activities for clients.  To keep costs low, we outsourced so much that we did not need any permanent employees – only occasional temporary help during periods of increased need.  This business model served AGChange well for many years and afforded its partners the flexibility to work on initiatives that fulfilled their core principles.

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